Doctor CRM/SP 91.619

Dr. Gustavo Vilela

Dr. Gustavo Vilela majored in Medicine from the University of São Paulo (USP) in 1997 and completed his medical residency in the Clinics Hospital of the same university. He continued his studies at Paris University (France).

He has been using concepts of functional, integrative and orthomolecular medicine in his medical practice since 2007, with a new approach to treating and preventing diseases, which integrates the Art and Science of Medicine.

Dr. Gustavo Vilela’s clinic offers a wide range of treatments, based on his academic and professional experience in Brazil and countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the USA, Mexico and Japan over more than 20 years of medical practice.


Medical Doctor graduated from University of São Paulo – USP

Residency in Medical Clinic, Hematology, Hemotherapy and Cell therapy at the Clinics Hospital – USP

Residency in bone marrow transplant and umbilical cord and placental blood transplant at Hôpital Saint Louis, Paris- France

Participation in the Residence Program of Collège de Mèdicine dês Hôpitaux of Paris – France

Specialization in Hematology at University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, Paris- France

College degree in Cell therapy from University Paris Diderot (Paris VII), Paris- France

Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona – USA

Certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine – USA

Graduate course in Ozone Therapy by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid- Spain

Ex-professor of the graduate course on Nutrition (nutritional module in Oncology) of Albert Einstein Education and Research Israeli Institute

Course on Adaptive Neuro Psycho Physiopathology and Neuro Psychophysical Optimization with REAC technology- Florence – Italy

Member of the Consulting Board of the Brazilian Medical College of Ozone therapy

Member of the Brazilian Society of Medical Ozone therapy

Member of the clinical staff of Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital in São Paulo

Physician nominated in the list of notable professionals of the French Consulate in São Paulo

Research doctor in the fields of Microbiome, Oncobiome and electromagnetic activity of the human body

Coordinator of the medical graduate course on Integrative Practice in Oncology at FAPES, São Paulo