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Doctor - CRM nº 84.121

Dra. Ariane Pretel Maamari

Nutritionist - CRN nº 13100252

Karen Schlösser

Therapist - CRT 51.190

Juliana Bertoletti

Dentist - CRO/SP 80.826

Ana Laura Soares

Doctor – CRM nº 84.121

Dra. Ariane Pretel Maamari

Graduated in Medicine from PUC-SP in 1994

Understanding and analysis of diseases by means of Psychosomatic Medicine

Training in Anthroposophical Medicine from ABMA in 2000

Graduated in Chinese Acupuncture from Unifesp in 2008

Certified in Floral therapy by Healing Herbs in 2003

Scholar of Quantum Physics laws applied to healthcare

Specialist in self-awareness and personal development

Scholar of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of the human DNA

Expert in the field of German New Medicine and biological reading

Nutritionist – CRN nº 13100252

Karen Schlösser

Graduate course in Functional Clinical Nutrition and Functional Fithotherapy

Holds three titles in Neurolinguistics Programming and Health Coaching (Wellness Coaches) for both self-development and better guidance of her patients toward fulfilling their health goals

Graduated from the American school The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York- USA

Member of the Brazilian Society of Functional Nutrition

Currently taking a Specialization Course on Health and Quantum Healing Therapy

Therapist – CRT 51.190

Juliana Bertoletti

Energetic equalization

Access bars


Crystal healing

Dentist – CRO/SP 80.826

Ana Laura Soares

Experience in biological and integrative dentistry

Dentist graduated from PUC-MG in 1998

Residency in Dental Oncology from ACCAMARGO SP, 2003

Coordinator of the Dental Oncology Department of Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital, São Paulo, since 2013

Graduate course at MD Anderson Cancer Center- Houston, Texas – USA

Graduate course at University of California (UCLA) – USA

Graduate course at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – New York University- USA

Course and internship in Integrative Dental Medicine (Dr. Philip Mollica) – USA

Certified in Hospital Dentistry, Laser and Ozone therapy

Courses on Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentistry

Member of MASCC (International Association for Cancer Support Treatment)

Member of IAOMRT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)

Member of ISSO (International Society of Oral Oncology)

Teacher of several courses both in Brazil and overseas (China, Japan, Austria, Chile and Uruguay)

Author of national and international scientific articles